Do U want to think more CLEARLY?

Do U want to LISTEN more INTENTLY?

Do U want to counterbalance TECHNOLOGY?

Do U want to HEAL more QUICKLY?

Do U want to SLEEP more DEEPLY?

OF COURSE!!! We all do!!!

The uThrones CAN help!!!


     Why are those two ideas so critical?  B/c they help the body absorb the force of gravity evenly!!! This is one of the most critical areas that’s being neglected by people everywhere!  The body can help support itself by using postures that lift our bodies against the force of gravity.  That can happen when we free the intercostal muscles to allow the chest to expand to its maximum.   By calling into action the unused muscles to ELEVATE we’re sharing the force. This allows for the spinal to rest.  That frees the heart to pump the oxygen to all of the cells.  It may not seem important, but our conformity to the body’s curves can reduce the ‘friction’ as the blood cells deliver oxygen.    

uThrones as ‘uArt’

I love the title of this post. I’d never used the term ‘uArt’ before, but it works here.

uThrones can be Art too. I continue to discover more applications for them, and I think they can be incorporated into Art-class projects too.

I’ve known that uThrones have a role in PE, music, language arts, and math, but the Art class potential is huge. The personal pursuit of perfectly focused flow (i.e. the artistic process) can be executed by simply putting some paints on wood.

The ‘uThrones’ also provide a lumber ‘canvas’ that can repeatedly be re-painted whenever U are inspired to create more uArt on ur uThrone.

Here’s an example:

I’m not saying that this is the one-all be-all solution, but it’s gotta be part of the recipe.  Cute huh?

Thanks for reading. Holler at me if U want to try some of our models or if U want some directions for making a uThrone for uSelf.


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