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 uThrones is a furniture-based meditation system whose goal is to enhance & empower its users — all ages, all races, all religions, all bodies, and all minds. 

Please forgive the website construction zone, it’s a constant process. 

Better Breathing
Better Posture
Better Meditation
Better Life

Technology and the Body Can Age Better Together

It’s commonly agreed that the average person’s posture is terrible, but ramrod-straight posture shouldn’t be the goal.  Breathing is something that U control and that’s why these are called “uThrones”.   Our bodies absorb the weight of gravity & external pressures of life – that causes cellular damage.  The uThrones can help balance the postural effects of technology, minimize pains, & improve performance.

How do those improvements affect everything else?  Obviously, they’re enhancing, and they’re doing that irrespective of who is implementing them.  The body has synergistic dimensions & features that when activated enhance & empower.  Diet and physical posture are fundamentals for living a healthy life, and they’re too easy for us to change so we can do the hard work better. When we utilize uThrones we begin positioning ourselves for a better life.  Are U ready?