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   Our system can help U use whatever is holding U back, to get U going again. 

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Better Breathing
Better Posture
Better Meditation
Better Life

We Can Use Technology Better

     It’s commonly agreed that the average person’s posture isn’t perfect, but a constant stiff-straight posture shouldn’t be our goal either.  W/in the uThrones system, the objective is a dynamic posture that’s balancing & re-balancing all the time.  That’s a body whose musculature is evenly absorbing/fighting the force of Gravity  This is the exercise component to every types of life.  We want uThrones to help people slow-down enough to see & appreciate the power of breathing to shape & maintain our bodies & brains. 


It’s something that’s common to people of all ages, all races, all economic levels, all religions, and all physiological shapes everywhere all over the world.  Why? B/c of our common DNA designed dimensions.

   Can U see the focus?  Do U see the comfort & relief?  That’s the effect when the re-balancing happens.  It’s not a requirement for someone to use the uThrones all day, just a few minutes and there’s a change.