uThrones & the Physiology of Religion

For Christians, it’s Sunday, but In Islam, Friday is the day for praise.

I attended the Islamic Society of Norman’s mosque today. I made the sounds, I followed the moves and felt the feelings of ‘GOD’. I washed my hands and my feet. I crossed my arms. I got on my hands & knees, put my tail in the air; and no one laughed or took advantage of me-though I’d never been more vulnerable.

I did this for 4 reasons:

1.) I wanted to bridge the cultural gap by connecting w/ a conception of ‘GOD’        2.) I wanted to feel solidarity w/ other members of the Uma (human family)          3.) I wanted to learn some Arabic and                                                                                  4.) I wanted to show people a ‘uThrone’.

I did all 4 and had it reafied once again that the uThrones can enhance our capacity for connecting; both w/ ourselves, others, & ‘GOD’-in the sense that ‘GOD’ is everything that has ever existed, is, ever will be, and beyond. That’s why the World needs them.

As I’ve been reaching-out to different faiths and practicing them, I’ve noticed a unique thread; which is the necessity of the physiologically healing effects wrought by the religions’ practice. (The primary faiths practiced have been: Christianity, Mormonism, Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, & Native American animism/ancestor-worship)

Kneeling & purification: In Catholicism, we kneel to receive the wafer (a symbol of the flesh of God becoming a part of U) and pray w/ our hands centered. In Buddhism we chant & keep a hand centered in their chest while on a meditation cushion. In Hinduism we integrate Yogic centering and visualizations while chanting mantras. 1st Nations traditions all have a chanting component that also features flame (a very real source of energy). Each of them features an element of centering, breath, sound vibrations, and the conscious direction of the body & mind to prepare most ‘perfectly’ for Life.

There is a ‘GOD’, and ‘GOD’ is lived. Any religion is just variation on the methodology by which we can flow w/ ‘GOD’ more precisely.

That’s the way it seems at least…

Any questions ?  🙂

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