Ev's Story

Ev’s life has been an experiment in building a weak, vulnerable, vain, pacifist,  perfectionist, utopian, and it’s been a ‘failure’ by most metrics, however it’s led him to see the connection between breathing, posture, technology, health & aging, and then build a way to preempt the unnecessary pain that limits our potential.  He was the youngest of his family, his neighborhood gang, and his school clique. That experience, of consistently being the youngest throughout his developmental years, conditioned him to feel the most secure & safest.  The extreme sense of security prompted the pursuit of a life outside of society’s constraints.  By age 13, he felt he had already seen through the absolutisms of Christianity, thus justifying his dismissive views, postures, and attitudes towards religion.  This set him on a dangerous path b/c he wouldn’t experience the daily exercise of centering his body & breath.  If U add on top of that, the personal shame for America’s history being leveled onto his shoulders, then U have a perfect storm for postural destruction.  Basketball, height, security, vanity, shame — it was all working to form his body into one that’s slouched. It’s a body-type that’s becoming more and more popular – a troubling trend.  

 He did and does, stand-out.  He’s tall, 6′ 6″, w/ extremely prominent ears & nose.  His jaw is Simpsons-esque due to years of cricking his neck.  He’s contemplated the possibility that God has made his life the way it is in order for him to spread the message.   His development was to the realization development of the uThrones system.  He can’t prove it, but he sees a connection between his postural neglect and his body’s ailments:  lordosis, kyphosis, carpal tunnel, falling arches, atrophic kidney, & brain cancer.  If uThrones, and their emphasis on centered balance, can help someone preempt the problems & pain that he’s experienced, then his regrets & dissatisfaction won’t have been for nothing.