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 uThrones is a furniture-based meditation system whose goal is to enhance & empower its users — irrespective of age, race, shape or religion.  Aligning the spine, and strengthening the body & mind are universal needs.  That’s what uThrones can do for people and it’s our mission to see that everyone has them. 


Please forgive the website construction zone, it’s a constant process. 

Better Breathing
Better Posture
Better Meditation
Better Life


Technology and the Body Can Work Better

It’s commonly agreed that the average person’s posture isn’t perfect, but a constant stiff-straight posture shouldn’t be our goal either.  W/in the uThrones system, the objective is a constant postural balancing.  There’s an exercise component to all types of work.  We want uThrones to help people slow down enough to see & appreciate the power of breathing in forming our bodies & minds.  It’s something that’s common to all ages, all races, and shapes everywhere.   Every movement is a shifting arrangement of muscle contractions & relaxations, and it’s coordinated w/ different types of breath types.  When we can discover the balancing action needed, then the task becomes something that’s immediately enhancing us.  Balancing = Enhancing.    

Technology, in all of its forms, has enabled us to see the Cosmos, and peer into the Atom.  But if we sacrifice our bodies in the process, what good are we?  It’s imperative that every person in our culture recognize how important posture is to living w/ Technology.  We’re raising a generation of young people who won’t have lived w/out the Internet – they may not have problems now, but as the Warren Buffet quote suggests, “the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they’re too heavy to be broken.”  After 40-50 years of neglecting posture while using Technology will only result in millions of people are experiencing pain unnecessarily and the quality of production won’t be as high as it could’ve been.  The uThrones system can help alleviate SOME, while at the same time, enhancing focus and improving performance (in whatever U do).      

Gravity doesn’t stop.  uThrones don’t stop either. 

How do those improvements affect everything else?  Obviously, they’re enhancing, and they’re doing that irrespective of who is implementing them.  The body has synergistic dimensions & features that, when activated, enhance & empower.  Diet and physical posture are fundamentals for living a healthy life, and they’re too easy for us to change so we can do the hard work of resolving our domestic & international political problems better.  When we utilize uThrones we begin positioning ourselves for a better life.  All ages & all shapes.  Thanks, uThrones  

Can U see the focus?  Do U see the comfort & relief?  That’s the effect when the re-balancing happens.  It’s not a requirement for someone to use it all day, just a few minutes and there’s a change.  These were crude uThrones and the times have changed, but the effect was the same.  .