The uThrones System

     The uThrones System is one of the few systems in the world that possesses the power to release our undeveloped potential.  The 3 primary uThrones compliment each other and are synergistic when used together.

     Modern technology has immense power to connect people and form healthier relationships, but it can also be damaging if we use it w/out an understanding of the power of posture to counteract the negative effects.  The uThrones system does that by re-aligning our bodies.  The Contemplation Throne (low) works w/ the Composition Throne to promote a perfect posture while reading or using a phone.  The Composition Throne works w/ the Podium Throne to create a similar relationship, but it’s one that can be achieved w/out kneeling on the Earth. 

     The goals are faster recovery, better sleep, better digestion, the preemption of injuries, enhanced concentration, and the capacity to better reflect on our lives.  What type of world would we have if everyone actively trained themselves to counteract the effects of the modern world?  How much better would the decisions of our politicians be?  How much better would we study, work, collaborate?  This is the time to take the opportunity to enhance our bodies & minds in a new way w/ new tools and the uThrones System enables U to do just that.