Do U want to think more CLEARLY?

Do U want to LISTEN more INTENTLY?

Do U want to counterbalance TECHNOLOGY?

Do U want to HEAL FASTER?

Do U want to SLEEP more DEEPLY?

What if I told U a
few pieces of wood was all U needed?

Would U believe me?

It’s TRUE.

Never before has there been a system as complete as the uThrones System.

I'm living proof that U can use the uThrones System to resolve pains & fully-develop more of the potential U possess.

We do can this while preempting the postural problems... well as the cellular-metabolic challenges...

…that are handicapping our people’s health & vitality.  

The system simultaneously enhances the body by incrementally sensitizing us to the continuum of movements that make the uThrones System effective at counterbalancing the force of Gravity. 

How do we solve current problems while
preempting future ones?

    By aligning, expanding & elevating.  Why?  B/c that’s how we counterbalance the stressors & pressures that the modern world requires our bodies to bear.  There is a continuum of postures that the human body needs in order for the body to absorb the force of gravity EVENLY.

   Breath & posture are two of the most important aspects of Life, but that centrality is being ignored by too many people, too much of the time — and the damage is being done.   

   The body can help support itself by using postures that harness our lung’s capacity to lift our bodies.  When we’re breathing completely, we’re slowly filling our lungs and reducing the tension in the body — allowing the heart to pump oxygen to the trillions of cells that make us who we are.  If we’re breathing through our nasal cavity, then we’re getting the added benefit of maximal spinal length by completing the  erector-spinae muscle activation. 

This reduces the pressure on the discs between the vertebrae – thus preempting injuries, and maximizing the spine’s protective power.  Its job is to protect the nerve pathways w/in from all threats and it does a good job — it’s our duty to help it as much as we can. 


The uThrones system of movements & postures can, at the most fundamental level, help us breathe, move, think, live and be better.  

   This system may seem overly simplistic, but simple principles & postures are exactly what we need to counterbalance the complexity & chaos that defines the modern world.  Not only can we address the current problems, but we can also preempt the future ones. 

   Every person can create these positions and truly transform themselves.  Each of our DNA blueprints contains the same awesome potential, but it’s being wasted.  That’s why I feel such urgency to get the furniture to as many people as quickly as possible. 

   When we apply the uThrones principles, we’re actually reshaping our bodies & minds to operate in accord w/ the laws of the Universe.  When we do this, we’re making the already perfect union of LIFE, even ‘more perfect’.  That’s happening b/c we’re consciously coordinating our movements to mimic the geometric patterns & rhythms that define the world around us.  This system is a form of body-technology b/c it’s designed to counter-balance the negative effects of Technology. 

   This is the development of greater control, greater command over the body & mind.  Not only will we feel better, but we’ll be healthier, we’ll be more creative, we’ll be more precise – even if it’s 1% better.  The attention and mindfulness ‘muscles’ that we’re exercising will get stronger.  Before we know it, we’re getting better by 1% in a lot of ways.  Decision making can get better w/ just a few deep breaths — how valuable is that – specially if the decisions being made are consequential.  

   This is not dogmatic.  It’s based-on the Atomic Theory and all of the understanding that’s been acquired over the course of the human experience. It’s being revived at the perfect time,    That’s the unacknowledged power of serious breathing.  It’s the only way to get the MOST IMPORTANT thing to LIFE – oxygen – into the body.  Intentional breathing that’s nasal-centric is the beginning of our most conscious opposition to the force of gravity and its attempts to bring about our demise.   But it’s not just about breath, the slow-motion movements are necessary for utilizing gravity’s power to assist in the delivery of oxygen & nutrients.  This furthers awakens us to our power to sequence the use of our muscles to help the rest of the body.  By making ‘waves’ in slow-motions, we’re using our musculature to flex blood thru the arteries and vascular networks, which makes the heart work more efficiently. 

   Like the waves of sound & light, the body too can create waves of many types — muscular-waves are only of the them.  Waving the body is the summation of the incremental stages of muscular/respiratory coordination  By calling into action the unused muscles to ELEVATE & EXPAND we’re sharing the force of gravity.  By using other muscles that are not typically flexed to resist the pull of gravity we’re allowing the over-used muscles to rest while the other muscles get what they need.  That enables the heart to pump more oxygen to the cells.  It may not seem important, but our conformity to the body’s
curves can reduce the ‘friction’ as the blood cells deliver oxygen.  The analogy is that by conforming more to our bodies, we can conform more to the laws of nature — and use them to increase the creativeness & originality of the unique ways in which we conform.  


Contact us on social media, or send an email to, and we’ll start working on a custom set of uThrones for U.  Thanks for believing in urself – never stop!!!!

The uThrones System

     The uThrones System is a combination of ideas, a new approach to moving, and strategies for thinking about & solving problems. The furniture aspect is combating the negative effects of a highly technology-dependent society on the bodies of its people, but also its people’s minds.  The 3 primary uThrones that constitute the system are the (Low) Contemplation Throne, the (Mid) Composition/Desk/Chair Throne, & the (High) Communication/Podium Thrones.  They’re each different heights but all feature the distinctive single-leg design.  They work in isolation or in synergistic combinations:  contemplate, then communicate; contemplate, compose, then contemplate, compose, and then stand from behind a Communication Throne and articulate those conclusions that’ve been contemplated and composed.  Even if it’s just to a mirror, or to an imagined audience, we all have a need to experiencing the act of speaking our truths.  They compose & define our lives, but too few of us reflect on the chaos & confusion w/in the culture, so we don’t even know what we think – we just react.

   U have incredible capabilities that U can develop.  This system provides the infrastructure for U to incrementally strengthen from the centermost part of U. Even if U think erroneously that the body can’t change,  U’re endowed w/ these DNA dimensions that can shape ur body while ur spoken words shape ur perspective.  Maybe it’s not as ‘right’ as it could be, but that’s okay, b/c we want the most complete ‘Truth’ we can acquire.  In fact that’s a tenet of the system: we reserve the right to change our minds b/c we all acknowledge that no human being can have all complete knowledge of everything that happens in the Universe. Every person’s perspective has value b/c it contributes to the larger ‘Truth’ that we don’t have.  However the burden of proof is on the folks who hold other positions. They can make the case from behind a Podium Throne.  This system is enabling more of us to share our perspectives more precisely.  The world has 8 billion+ perspectives and we need them all.  What kind of world are we building?  Is a destructive society what we want?  Is a wasteful society what we want?  Or is a thoughtful, intelligent, creative, collaborative, courageous, compassionate society what we want?  We can build it, and this system can help.  This system makes that a real possibility.  It transcends age, race, religion, language, & economics.

   Giving a speech from behind a Podium Throne is enabling us to achieve a more perfect expression & more perfect way to listen by allowing our minds to be changed.  That’s an awesome human experience, and it’s accessible every moment of every day.  The mind benefits from hearing its own conclusions & thoughts.  What more do we need in our political discourse than an honest & authentic debate?!  When we audiblize our ideas, we’re activating & connecting different sectors of the brain at the same time.  We’re overriding the fear & stress that’s induced by public speaking.  It continues to be one of the greatest fears of humanity – why?  It can become a source of strength. All while generating the neuro-physio commands to contract the different muscles to modulate the air that we’re exhaling to create pressure changes that alter the continuum of sound frequencies that define the content of our conclusions, and animate  the thinking of the audience.  That’s the experience that the ancient Greeks & Romans had.  That’s the experience of a preacher.  That’s the experience of a lawyer making a case.  That’s the experience of a politician who’s describing a vision of the future.

Everyone needs that experience.  

   U see, we’re connecting the different sectors of the brain at the same time – it’s amazing to feel. So amazing and universal that I think every person in the world deserves to have it – I’m here to see that they do.

   This system relaxes the body while enhancing the clarity that people feel about their lives.  Clarity brings confidence, self-knowledge & understanding.   Those all bring the health & thoughtfulness that can build a world that’s capable of permanence. 

   The combinations are limitless and eternally relevant.  Likewise, there’s an infinite combination of movement, breaths, and speeds that can be altered to create a new system for experiencing and integrating the world & culture in which we live.

   If we make our relationship w/ the invisible force of gravity as perfect as possible, life can be an unconscious dance. By conforming to the natural curves of the body we awaken a natural sense of moving & breathing that can be choreographed by the mind. Slowing them both down, while stabilizing our nasal breathing & poses is critical to using that initial sensation of self-unification as a gateway to a larger world.  We want to find these limitations and then slowly traverse thru them. The system is trying to help us harmonize our muscular opposition to the force of gravity while optimizing our ability to use the power of the invisible atmosphere to deliver the oxygen & nutrients to the body’s trillions of cells. This has the added benefit of helping to absorb the force of gravity that would’ve been born by the spinal vertebrae. The challenge that the uThrones system helps us solve is ‘how do we help our bodies last for as long as possible?’ by reducing the friction w/in the body such that we are as gentle to ourselves and those w/ whom we share this world. 

   There’s never been a system like this in the world.

    Not only is it facilitating the most perfect postural positions w/ which to study, rest, contemplate, exercise, etc., but it’s also optimizing the way blood courses & flows through the arterial/vascular system to deliver much-needed oxygen & nutrients to hungry cells. By delivering the nutrients & oxygen as efficiently as our DNA dimensions will allow, so too are we evacuating the toxins & pollutants from the body as efficiently as possible.  This is how the system helps us learn how to use gravity to our advantage.  We don’t have to always fight it.  It can be used to benefit humanity. 

     Modern technology has immense power to connect people and enable them to have the world’s knowledge in the palm of their hands, but it can be damaging if we use it w/out an understanding of its power to re-shape our bodies and divert our attention from the main problems of the world.   

   The perfection of our inner-world and the outer-world are deeply connected.  By breathing completely, and adhering to the notions of expansion & elevation for each & every complete breaths we breathe, we’re absorbing the force of gravity and empowering our bodies to confront the stresses of Life.  The uThrones system does that.

   The Contemplation Throne (low) works w/ the Composition Throne (mid) to promote an aligned posture while reading, writing, or using a phone.  The Composition Throne works w/ the Podium Throne is a similar way, but at a higher level.  Each of the uThrones can be used in isolation to support us.  We can think & reflect on the Low Throne, then compose our thoughts & ideas w/ the Desk Throne, and finally graduate to speaking from the Pulpit Throne,
   The Podium/pulpit Throne is the rhetorical actualization of the system.  We believe in the humanity’s capacity to transcend the superficial differences that divide us. 

     Many people have problems getting on the ground b/c it intensifies the pressure in their leg joints, but the Composition Throne &  Podium Throne combination provides an alternative route to achieving feeling the benefits.

     The goals are faster recovery, better sleep, better digestion, the preemption of injuries, enhanced concentration, and the capacity to better appreciate the experience of Life.  What type of world would we have if everyone actively trained themselves to counteract the effects of the modern world?  How much better would the decisions of our politicians be?  How much better would we study, work, collaborate?  This is the time to take the opportunity to enhance our bodies & minds in a new way w/ new tools.  The uThrones System enables U to do just that.  Click the button to below to start designing.  Thanks