New uThrones & ProtoTypes

     There are already several versions of uThrones that are for sale, but this page is mostly dedicated to variations of the uThrones (Lows, Mids & Highs) that are new constructions or experimental prototypes.

     The perpetual process of building and producing the uThrones gives us the opportunity to constantly refine the features of the Thrones.  This causes each Throne to be unique. 

     Some Thrones can be carried, some can be used together, some require collaboration, some are 2 & 3-seaters, other Thrones have hinges, and still others change their angle to match U.  The one unifying quality is that they’re all used to make the process of aligning the body better, easier & safer.  We need the support & security made possible by the uThrones to make the incremental enhancements more intensely experienced & understood. That’s achieved by altering the uThrones’ heights & dimensions.  The synergistic relationship between the Thrones can’t be ignored.    They make each other greater.