As varied are the versions of human designs, so too are the variations of uThrones.  Heights, angles, materials, colors, mission –these are all flavors whose differences melt-away as the uThrone & U become a new-body.  Not a ‘nobody’, not ‘somebody’, but a ‘newbody’ w/ a new body.

We want U to find the right ‘Throne, and we’re confident it’s amongst these prototypes.  Don’t worry about the nuance b/c we have generic sizes that fit most bodies, but we want U to discover the precision of its potential.  U can try it, then trade it, or buy another and give it as a gift to someone U love. 

In the uThrones System, shaping, begins from the centers, and then progresses to the mid-line muscles, then the joining muscles, then to the fingers & toes & even the eyelids.  It’s a system in which every muscle group is awake and coordinating its capabilities to absorb & direct the force of gravity–which is bearing-down on us 24/7 for the entirety of our experience on this planet.  How evenly can that weight be shared?  That’s the ultimate challenge of the uThrone.  Before any activity, before any athletic performance, before any academic challenge, before taiqi, before yoga, a uThrone is essential when we’re aspiring to achieve our full potential.  The perfection of the mind is congruent w/ the perfection of the body.  Posture is just one aspect of that larger process.  

There’s already a several uThrones versions that are for sale, but there’s even more that haven’t made it to production.  Starting w/ the original 3 (low, mid, high), we also have some that are meant to be carried, some as art, some to be used together, some are 2-seaters, some are for water, and still others are for traveling.  The one unifying quality is that they’re all being used to make meditation better. 

Different types of connection