Me, uThrones & my Cowardice

It’s hard to acknowledge that the reason the uThrones project hasn’t developed the way I would’ve liked is derived from my own neglect. I’ve neglected the power of the website & ecommerce to open new doors (many of which may be unseen). I’ve neglected the main priorities and allowed myself to be satisfied w/ mediocrity. I can’t keep doing that. I’m a coward for failing to watch some youtube videos about how to use Elementor w/ Woocommerce. I know it’s simple probably, but I hate editing & the fine-print-details so much that I’ll put-off the biggest priorities. I’ve always had that proclivity, and cancer hasn’t helped, but I have to remind myself that it’s a new level of difficulty that makes it an epic victory when U can triumph over, and transform yourself for the better by changing the worst elements of yourself.
The relevance of the uThrones idea will never leave us. So long as we live w/ Technology, the need to re-balance & re-align will only become greater as we age. Some pains aren’t bad, some are caused by our growth, some are part of aging, and some are caused by the world around us. We’re trying to make all our pains, ‘growing pains’. This idea is too important. This, and U, must be my main commitments – may the Force beyond the Universe allow me to make it so.


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