More than just a better U

What is a ‘better U’?  It’s a healthier U, a more focused U, a more understanding U.  uThrones do more than simply mitigate back-pain.  They’re larger aspiration is to promote a deeper connection to our bodies, each other, and the Earth.  If that happens than we make a better everything by using uThrones.  I know …

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Pics for April 6th

I think we all need something to do consistently to feel at peace w/ ourselves.  I’m gonna start a ‘Daily Pic’ post about uThrones (in some fashion).  Some analysis will follow.  I hope U like it and get something from it.   Taiqi in a river Taiqi at a photoshoot Taiqi w/ uThrones at 83 …

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uThrones & uTility 2.0

Here we are in 2020 w/ the Corona Virus all over the world, health care systems stressed to breaking-points, and yet I’m sitting idly by in lockdown here in Norman, Ok. If this is my role, so be it, but I won’t stop talking about how uThrones can be part of the comeback.  uThrones ‘have …

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