More than just a better U

What is a ‘better U’?  It’s a healthier U, a more focused U, a more understanding U.  uThrones do more than simply mitigate back-pain.  They’re larger aspiration is to promote a deeper connection to our bodies, each other, and the Earth.  If that happens than we make a better everything by using uThrones.  I know that’s a grandiose claim, but it’s possible.  

When we align the central nervous system, we reduce the stress on our internal organs, which frees the body to heal.  Life is a rare phenomenon, conscious-life is even more rare, and technologically-conscious-life rarer still.  The uThrones’ greatest aim is to be a part of the process for someone achieving meta-understanding of history, culture, psychology, theology, technology & health.  Technological extremes & human empathy are a transcendent combination and uThrones help to synthesize that.  It’s my opinion that the potentialities for enhancement & empowerment made possible by uThrones cannot be calculated, nor limited by physical laws.  

It’s the utilization of uThrones, w/ the most high-tech iPhones & tablets & PCs, etc. that balances the technological excess – at work, in the classroom, at home, everywhere.  Those are the moments in which we get to direct those Universal dualities to heal ourselves while enhancing & empowering the world.   We can’t miss any more of them.  

uThrones don’t guarantee that there will be a transcendent discovery of Universal oneness (however faint it may be), but they do guarantee that they’re gonna help a little bit, and that makes a better U, but it also means we’re becoming a better us too. What more could we want?

Pics for April 6th

I think we all need something to do consistently to feel at peace w/ ourselves.  I’m gonna start a ‘Daily Pic’ post about uThrones (in some fashion).  Some analysis will follow.  I hope U like it and get something from it.  

Taiqi in a river

fly fishing 2

Taiqi at a photoshoot

Taiqi w/ uThrones at 83


Taiqi is something that I’ve been practicing (in a half-hearted way) for nearly 20 years.  It’s an art that offers an infinite opportunity for understanding our physiology.  Much like yoga, and fly-fishing their is an internal rhythm that is both the guide and objective.  We want our practice to increasingly become a more-perfect fusion of preparation & performance, and that starts w/ breathing.  It’s an under-emphasized part of our world, but it’s a necessity that we all re-observe its importance 

Posture w/ purpose.

Commerce's purpose

What we're trying to solve...

uThrones & uTility 2.0

Here we are in 2020 w/ the Corona Virus all over the world, health care systems stressed to breaking-points, and yet I’m sitting idly by in lockdown here in Norman, Ok. If this is my role, so be it, but I won’t stop talking about how uThrones can be part of the comeback. 

uThrones ‘have the back’ of every man, woman, and child.  We’re enhancing whatever they do and empowering them to uncover more of their potential.  U can’t get there unless ur body is balanced, and it can’t be balanced if U don’t take-a-knee.   Each of the people