uThrones Here-n-Now and in Norman

I received a call from a teacher this morning requesting 3 more Thrones for her students. As U can imagine I was quite pleased, but self-satisfaction turned to regret when she informed me that one of her students had gotten a splinter b/c I hadn’t sanded the corners. I felt responsible for the splinter, the hurt it caused and the lost classroom time, but painful experience can provide protective education–e.g. touching a hot stove.

Now, I’ve heard young people clamor about Thrones, I’ve heard patients praise their design, and technological ‘complexitists’ recount their enhanced focus from mere moments of use. Who can’t benefit from them?

It’s exhilarating to get feedback like this, however it compounds the frustration I feel being confined in space-n-time  here-n-now and in Norman

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