Visions for the Thrones

15 minutes. That’s the most time that’s passed before I had a flash vision for a new scene. A scene of what? A scene of the ‘Thrones’,  and people w/ ’em.  I see people in PT clinics sitting back to back on thrones and having their minds blown by the simplicity of the thrones.

We need balance. In order for us to relax & think beautifully we have to know our ‘center’.  The uThrones help that.  They’re truly ‘Cosmic Chairs’ in that they enhance our capacity for more-perfectly relating w/ gravity. Think about that; to relate to gravity more ‘perfectly’. Well, how can it be more than ‘Perfect’?   B/c if you’re standing at all, it’s perfect. Even if you’re crumpled up at a computer, or hunched over looking at your phone-it’s perfect. However,when we find the ways to align physically, then it flows logically that our capacity to align our perceptions & conceptions about ourselves & the others in our environment will be enhanced; that’s almost all of Life.

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