There aren’t any secrets to building a uThrone – it just takes the right tools, the right wood, and a little continuous concentration.

A lot of people have mentioned to me that I shouldn’t do a ‘how to’ for uThrones, but if I didn’t write about building a uThrone, then fewer people would benefit from them. Teenagers can build uThrones. In fact, back in the 1950’s, one-legged chairs (aka uThrones) were the first project for 10th grade wood-workers. Back then they used them for milking cows, and now they’re for alignment – ha, who would’ve thought. Back then posture & alignment were emphasized at church, in school, and at home.

The importance of alignment is something that hasn’t changed, but the collective culture’s understanding of how to train a human body to be capably-balanced has waned. We may watch, or perform amazing feats of balance, be they on skateboards, or football fields, or dance floors, but the most fundamental training of body-awareness don’t change. Body balance is a kind of body-awareness, but not complete. It’s my belief that the uThrones and its Breath & Body exercise system take us back to the ground-zero of development. of our centering and aligning our centers while experimenting w/ different ways to breath and touch

Some people will want to build their own and I want people to use them. They can buy some from us — we’ve done a lot of R & D — but if someone can build them efficiently & sustainably somewhere else then it makes sense. Most of us don’t have $1000 worth of tools and the time needed to get them right.

Getting the idea out to the people is what’s most important.

These pics below are from the construction of one of the first uThrones.