The uThrones Difference

I make a lot of extraordinary claims about the ways that uThrones can be transformative, but I do that b/c I’ve watched them happen. 

Why do they work?

They work b/c the modern world requires us to contort our bodies when we drive, study, search, call, and work.  This all causes imbalances that most of us aren’t aware of. 

The uThrones are the awkward-balance that our bodies need to deepen our breathing and align our spines.  If we can do that, then the internal tension that we’ve been ignoring can be felt and the pressure on the vertebrae can be equalized.  When this happens, the entire central nervous system operates better.  The circulatory system operates better.  All facets of our physiology operate better. 

It’s only from a place of relaxed-awareness that we can begin to perform close to our best, and the uThrones help us find those positions. 

For the injured, they’re therapeutic.  For the athlete, they’re the extra-edge.  For the student, they’re additional focus.  For the religious, they take us to another level. 

Each of the uThrones has a different use, and effects a different part of the body, but each enhances the expansion of different sectors of intercostal muscles.  This is what makes them such a powerful tool for strengthening the breath and expanding our vertebrae.  There’s a lot of research that been affirming the need for mindfulness training in schools and the importance of it for mitigating depression & anxiety (read more).  We’re just scratching the surface for what they can do for us, but the time is now to begin discovering their potential.  It’s fitting that as we learn more about using the uThrones, we learn more about ourselves. 

This is a new venture, and we believe that ever person possesses an innate royalty that can felt when we sit, stand, and speak w/ a sense of dignity.  We’re building a new type of Kingdom Culture, and we’re here to make sure U become ur king or queen by using one of our uThrones. 

Thanks for supporting us & thanks for reading.  We hope U live forever, and after using them, will teach others about how they changed ur life – b/c they will. 

The uThrones team