The uThrones Difference

I make a lot of extraordinary claims about the ways that uThrones can be transformative, but I do that b/c I’ve watched them happen. 

Why do they work?

They work b/c the modern world requires us to contort our bodies when we drive, study, search, call, and work.  This all causes imbalances that most of us aren’t aware of. 

The uThrones help us put our bodies return to the core positions that help balance the effects of the modern world.   Helping to balance our bodies, deepen our breathing, and aligning our spines should be considered the first responsibility we have as people.  W/out balance we’re over-working some part, and under-working another.  Over-working one part means that it degrades, and under-working another means that it never fully develops.  We, as a society, are purportedly aiming to build the most capable, healthy, dynamic people possible, but if we don’t collectively recognize the importance of postural balance, then we’re allowing each other to unconsciously inhibit our development (which is to say that we’re not maximizing our human potential or solving the biggest problems).  Too many of us ‘don’t know we don’t know’ how to sit, breathe, jump, walk, in a ‘balanced way’.  Of course everyone is different and there is no Perfect way to do anything, but it can be said that there are core principles that every person needs to learn if they’re going to maximize their capabilities.  It just so happens that uThrones are what we each need to return to the core positions that help awaken our awareness.  Learning how to breathe & think in balanced ways is something that every child should be taught.  And if they weren’t taught and grow old, the uThrones become therapeutic.  U can see in our pictures that they can help everyone.  When we look at the way some of our seniors have aged into spinal problems, it becomes apparent that posture & breathing is critical for a long healthy life.  The early-stage of old-age stages can be seen in our young people’s fixation on their Phones.  It may not cause a problem now (b/c their bodies are growing), but over the next 20-30 years they’ll encounter major physiological problems that will probably require rehab, surgery, or cause some trauma that could’ve been avoided.   


If uThrones can, w/ 5 minutes a day, help increase people’s appreciation for the importance of posture-in-action, then we can preempt a lot of those problems and enhance our lives.  


Each of the uThrones has a different use, and effects a different part of the body, but each enhances the expansion of different sectors of intercostal muscles.  This is what makes them such a powerful tool for strengthening the breath and expanding our vertebrae.  There’s a lot of research affirming the need for mindfulness training in schools and the importance of it for mitigating depression & anxiety (read more).  We want uThrones to be a facilitator of that change.  We’re just scratching the surface of what they can do for us, but the time is now to begin discovering their potential.  It’s fitting that as we learn more about using the uThrones, we learn more about ourselves. 

This is a new venture, and we believe that ever person possesses an innate royalty that can be felt when we sit, stand, and speak w/ a sense of connection & balance.  We’re building a new type of Royal Culture, and we’re here to make sure we all have a ‘Throne of our own.  . 

Thanks for supporting us & thanks for reading.  We hope U live forever.

Evan uThrones