uThrones, Permaculture & Art as Exercise

These 3 ideas are connected. The uThrones are the foundation of posture while permaculture is the foundation of life.

The evolution of breathing & movement into a form of exercise called the uThrones System, and the evolution of Permaculture as a method by which the average person can take a resource sink (the home) and turn it into an eco system where native plants, fruits, nuts, herbs, & pollinators can all enjoy the synergistic qualities of each other.

A lot of the protesters did something similar a few months ago. Whoo,, I think it was good for them, all things being equal; and I tried to balance the thinking some, but I know I failed. I’ve been failing each of these moments that’ve been coming my way. I’m there, and I’m doing something, saying something, and w/ the best of intentions, but it’s not impacting everyone the way I want it to. I want people to be so captivated and moved that they break their plans to listen to me.

In the documentary, THE FOG OF WAR: 11 Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara, one of his maxims is to get the data & maximize efficiency. From my point-of-view, that maxim applies to uThrones & Permaculture. Their objective is to build the most fulfilling, capable physio-psyches in the most people. We want them to be living in environments whose design enables the greatest flourishing of health, life, potentially for millions of generations.

Side thought: We need more gardeners in government and fewer gangsters.

Where does ART fit in? Well, the art of physically being on a uThrone is an art, breathing is an art. Anything that resists U has the potential for being an art. The same can be said about Permaculture. It requires a certain amount of art to design a cyclic system–one in which the full-body has been sensitized to the versatility of movement. This enables the Mind to gain more control in the way it uses its musculo-skeletal system to resist gravity, and thus creating the healthiest environment for internal organs to perform their functions. Whether it’s digestion, or our circulatory system, or the lymphatic systems, they’re all enhanced when the body is sensitized to the subtle effects that contractions that aren’t perceived as being Art by default, but by self-direction.

The most efficient version of this is thru the contraction, and relaxation of the muscles required for the body to maintain a form of dynamic balance. The waves of contraction pulsate blood and fluids throughout the body, and require micro-contractions to maintain balance, which in-turn increases caloric usage. It’s a slight improvement, but one that we can easily access–it’s the low-hanging fruit of ‘self-improvement’.

These three ideas: uThrones, Permaculture, & Art as Exercise are all mutually reinforcing and integrateable. This website’s & my life’s mission are focused on making this truth known worldwide.

Thanks for reading, until next time.


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