Over-eating & Under-breathing

“The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” — Warren Buffet

That’s a profound quote, from a man who has lived a profound life. The quote’s fatalism de-presses me when I reflect on the habits I’ve formed that haven’t resulted in social/cultural success, but it’s up-liftng when I’m reflecting on the way unknown habits shaped a part of myself that I actually like.

There’s still another effect, and it’s determination. The challenge of changing one’s habits, in order to change one’s self is immense, especially is someone has accepted that quote as being indefinitely true. If someone accepts the notion that the habits are “too heavy to be broken”, I don’t think any habit can’t be unbroken. Just b/c it’s difficult doesn’t mean we should expend some amount of time training & re-training what we don’t like. Never give up on Urself–NEVER!!!!

The more people use the uThrones, the more affirmation I get about their healthy impacts. I think they have a role in helping humanity break the chains of habit that seemed unbreakable.

uThrones is on of the zillions of building blocks for a better world–let’s invite ourselves.

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