The System de los uThrones

A system has a process, and the process has stages.

The uThrones System is based-on balance, breath, & actualization. Of the 3 uThrone versions (Low, Mid, Podium), each can provide the architecture for achieving an awesome experience, but when used together, the experience can be enhancing & empowering in a transcendent way.

W/ the Low, we’re encouraged to sensitize ourselves to the tranquil security that is innate to the experience of being human.

The Mid, enables us to compose and synthesize the ideas that were conceived on the Low Throne.

The Podium Throne is the pennultimate stage in that the ideas discovered in meditation & synthesized w/ the Mid Throne, can be expressed to an audience. We hope the ideas are original–if not it’s a rehearsal.

Thanks for reading!!!! If U want to order a uThrone, please contact us and give us Ur height & weight and we’ll make one just for U!!!!

May all the best days be Urs,


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