uThrones & Clothes

It’s been suggested that clothing plays a minimal role in the practice of the uThrones system, but that’s an untruth. The fabrics are valuable b/c they enable us to initiate the movements that create core-contractions, which is to say the pushing & pulling on the clothing is the second level of resistance.

These are the most important points of origins for any resistance-training b/c it’s when there’s contact w/ the body that we can train ourselves from the inner-most point of muscular contraction.

Descriptions of how , but it’s only the feeling that provides advancement. The clothing that we wear when practicing can enhance our awareness & training.

Jeans, shirts, hoodies, belts, etc. all have a role to play in enhancing our awareness of the intricate connections that exist beyond our senses.

The body is limitless in its potential!!!!

Thanks for reading, I’ll post some pictures soon–promise.


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