Bridging the Right & Left

None of the people, on the Right or Left, who are making decisions that are consistent w/ my vision for a future society, are in favor of totalitariansm, or monarcho-authoratarian-esque systems for sustaining environments & institutions that organize human life. None.

But it’s the few socialists, the few libertarians, the few fundamentalists, whose endgame for global conquest that have a defined vision for what a future world should be that are exerting far too much power than they should, and that’s dangerous.

A uThronian Permaculture system is aiming to optimize every aspect of society by maximizing our usage of resources, human or natural.

uThrones addresses many of the fundamental misalignments, while a total-home permaculture program addresses the way in which we live & breathe by maximizing each homes ability to sequester carbon reduce the amount of oil we use, & provide for human needs.

Human life is obviously 1st & foremost, however let’s set a higher goal: to maximize all LIFE. That means the soil, invertebrates, plants, trees, & mycelium that are around us all the time. We have all of the knowledge to design systems that allow every human-built environment to be fun & flourish.

We just don’t have the gov’t resources to incentivize what we all know is best…

But maybe U & I can change that…?

Thanks for reading team,


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