Pics for April 6th

I think we all need something to do consistently to feel at peace w/ ourselves.  I’m gonna start a ‘Daily Pic’ post about uThrones (in some fashion).  Some analysis will follow.  I hope U like it and get something from it.  

Taiqi in a river

fly fishing 2

Taiqi at a photoshoot

Taiqi w/ uThrones at 83


Taiqi is something that I’ve been practicing (in a half-hearted way) for nearly 20 years.  It’s an art that offers an infinite opportunity for understanding our physiology.  Much like yoga, and fly-fishing their is an internal rhythm that is both the guide and objective.  We want our practice to increasingly become a more-perfect fusion of preparation & performance, and that starts w/ breathing.  It’s an under-emphasized part of our world, but it’s a necessity that we all re-observe its importance 

Posture w/ purpose.

Commerce's purpose

What we're trying to solve...

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