More than just a better U

What is a ‘better U’?  It’s a healthier U, a more focused U, a more understanding U.  uThrones do more than simply mitigate back-pain.  They’re larger aspiration is to promote a deeper connection to our bodies, each other, and the Earth.  If that happens than we make a better everything by using uThrones.  I know that’s a grandiose claim, but it’s possible.  

When we align the central nervous system, we reduce the stress on our internal organs, which frees the body to heal.  Life is a rare phenomenon, conscious-life is even more rare, and technologically-conscious-life rarer still.  The uThrones’ greatest aim is to be a part of the process for someone achieving meta-understanding of history, culture, psychology, theology, technology & health.  Technological extremes & human empathy are a transcendent combination and uThrones help to synthesize that.  It’s my opinion that the potentialities for enhancement & empowerment made possible by uThrones cannot be calculated, nor limited by physical laws.  

It’s the utilization of uThrones, w/ the most high-tech iPhones & tablets & PCs, etc. that balances the technological excess – at work, in the classroom, at home, everywhere.  Those are the moments in which we get to direct those Universal dualities to heal ourselves while enhancing & empowering the world.   We can’t miss any more of them.  

uThrones don’t guarantee that there will be a transcendent discovery of Universal oneness (however faint it may be), but they do guarantee that they’re gonna help a little bit, and that makes a better U, but it also means we’re becoming a better us too. What more could we want?

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