uThrones & Permaculture

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to tie together the uThrones’ approach to perfecting our postural inner-worlds w/ Permaculture’s approach towards perfecting the outer-world. I think there may be a way for them be mutually-supportive. The more we perfect our posture, the more we’re perfecting our internal self, and the more we perfect the environment, the more we’re perfecting our external self.

That occurs if we’re harnessing all of our awareness to align the hundreds of muscles & bones while also drawing from our accumulated knowledge regarding inter-species synergistics that result in more food grown, more oil conserved & more carbon sequestered. If we’re harvesting more food, that means we’re cutting less grass, which implies that someone is burning calories to manage the victory garden. We all know the crisis in young people’s health. Wouldn’t they benefit by getting their hands dirty? Wouldn’t that improve the quality of the food they’re eating? Wouldn’t that create an emotional connection to the planet? Isn’t that what we need to build a more a empathetic & courageous country?

I know that’s what we’re missing. If only I can get the dollars to build the uThrones for the people in time…

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