The uThrones System & Where It Can Go

Every person, young or wise, healthy or not, can use uThrones to improve their posture, breathe better, relieve pain, manage stress, and/or improve concentration. uThrones help the body by shift the hips & lower-vertebrae so that ‘lazy’ muscles start working, over-worked muscles start resting. A more balanced body is a better body. 

The design of the uThrones may seem overly-simplistic, but nevertheless correct in addressing the ailments of a sedentary world.  It ensures that whoever uses it benefits in some way b/c the body is positioned to correct unrecognized problems. This isn’t a new tactic though.  Please look below at these 3 pictures and notice how when the uThrones are in-use, the body resembles the positioning of the body in prayer. Irrespective of the faith, Islamic or Christian, Buddhist or Hindu, what feels good to one human body, feels good to millions & billions of other human bodies.  Irrespective of the culture, these problems are only becoming more pronounced. 

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