uThrones Construction

There aren’t any secrets to building a uThrone – it just takes the right tools, the right wood, and a little continuous concentration.

A lot of people have mentioned to me that I shouldn’t do a ‘how to’ for uThrones, but if I didn’t write about building a uThrone, then fewer people would benefit from them. Teenagers can build uThrones. In fact, back in the 1950’s, one-legged chairs (aka uThrones) were the first project for 10th grade wood-workers. Back then they used them for milking cows, and now they’re for alignment – ha, who would’ve thought. Back then posture & alignment were emphasized at church, in school, and at home.

The importance of alignment is something that hasn’t changed, but the collective culture’s understanding of how to train a human body to be capably-balanced has waned. We may watch, or perform amazing feats of balance, be they on skateboards, or football fields, or dance floors, but the most fundamental training of body-awareness don’t change. Body balance is a kind of body-awareness, but not complete. It’s my belief that the uThrones and its Breath & Body exercise system take us back to the ground-zero of development. of our centering and aligning our centers while experimenting w/ different ways to breath and touch

Some people will want to build their ownand I want people to use them. They can buy some from us — we’ve done a lot of R & D — but if someone can build them efficiently & sustainably somewhere else then it makes sense. Most of us don’t have $500 worth of tools and all the time needed to get them right.

Getting the idea out to the people is what’s most important.

I’ll add some pictures so U can really see what I’m talking about.