Do U want to think more CLEARLY?

Do U want to LISTEN more INTENTLY?

Do U want to counterbalance TECHNOLOGY?

Do U want to HEAL more QUICKLY?

Do U want to SLEEP more DEEPLY?

OF COURSE!!! We all do!!!

The uThrones CAN help!!!


     Why are those two ideas so critical?  B/c they help the body absorb the force of gravity evenly!!! This is one of the most critical areas that’s being neglected by people everywhere!  The body can help support itself by using postures that lift our bodies against the force of gravity.  That can happen when we free the intercostal muscles to allow the chest to expand to its maximum.   By calling into action the unused muscles to ELEVATE we’re sharing the force. This allows for the spinal to rest.  That frees the heart to pump the oxygen to all of the cells.  It may not seem important, but our conformity to the body’s curves can reduce the ‘friction’ as the blood cells deliver oxygen.    

uThrone (Low)


This is a great uThrone for reflection, meditation, as well as academics or athletics.  Its positive effects on posture & breathing are still being discovered by the early-adopters, but the connection between alignment & heart-health are undeniable.  The impacts that it have on the circulatory & lymphatic systems also help to preempt health problems that can cost thousands.  We don’t realize it, but this not only valuable when its being used to improve mindfulness and decision-making, but also to enhance our awareness of the inner-life to add even more value to our lives.


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