The Pulpit uThrone


levated single 4″ x 4″ sanded wood leg, 1″ x 10″ sanded



We recommend a height that’s roughly the height of the user’s upper-chest (the area 1-2″ below the collar bones).  The standard angle for the desk is 10°, but obviously we can customize that as needed.



Some customers call this a Podium uThrone, but it’s also a ‘Pulpit uThrone’.  Some people use it to type, to write, to rant, but ultimately, rehearse &/or train.  That might sound like  Not everyone feels called to speak in public, but the “Pulpit uThrone” makes the private experience possible by bringing the lectern home and enabling the user to simulate the experience and thus feel the physio-neural enhancements.  It’s an awesome experience had by too few, and the Podium/Pulpit uThrone helps synchronize breathe w/ thought to do better work.

This is how the Roman & Greek orators experienced debate in their days and the “Pulpit ‘Throne” enables us to have it in ours.


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