For uThrones, now what?

uThrones is on social media platforms.  uThrones has a website.  uThrones has made some brochures.  uThrones has pictures.  uThrones has made a couple videos.  uThrones have been sold, some of which of are schools.  Now what?  

Well, I think it’s time to make everything better.  We need better pictures, better videos, a better website.  We need to be building day & night.  We need to be calling school districts all over the country (how many districts are there?  Idk, but they all need 25 uThrones).  Oh, and we need investment to facilitate all of the above.  Ideas?  Skills?  Time?  Money?  Anybody got some? 

New Approach

There’s been a dissonance that I’ve felt over the past few years, and it’s about what I ‘should’ be doing w/ uThrones and what I ‘could’ have been doing w/ uThrones over that time. How many clips, how many lessons, how many tips could I have shared or published?! A lot. Why haven’t I shared more? I feel selfish. Why? Did I expect the world to beg me? Did I think that I was bearing some unseen responsibility on my back — b/c I was.  Whatever the psycho-analytic rationale may have been, it had to be this way, but Culture can’t stop this.

My shoulders & back, and especially my neck show how race & class & immorality & debt can be internalized & made visible. They show how a desire to appear ‘cool’ can became cervical-vertebrae compression. How curiosity & comfort can ruin posture & cause our throats to drop.  How our hands become carpal-tunnels & how the arches of our feet became fallen. Vanity & sports & intense studying & the celebration of ‘gangsterism’ all contributed to this perfect storm of genetics & coping methods that made this mess-of=a-body so teachable. Teachable for the wrong reasons – what not to do & how not to breathe. However, it must be said that if it wasn’t for all of the shames & regrets of the past, & vain self-destruction, the uThrones concept would never have been conceived b/c I would never have experienced the pain so intensely, and thus the need to re-train as seriously as possible. It may not be how my ‘vanity’ wanted life to be, but this is how I can atone for my sins and help people heal from their own vanities & insecurities & injuries.

The uThrones have been transformative for me. I train my body differently, I teach others to train their bodies differently, and I think about life differently. The uThrones took me back to ground-zero, where I should’ve begun.  Starting over w/ a perfect breath helped me realize that I needed this new approach my entire life, and I think the modern world guarantees that we all need to go back to where we all began in order to go where we want to go. 

The uThrones are special for that reason. People need to feel the uThrones in their hands, and feel their bodies shift when they usethe uThrones, but I need to take a new approach when I talk to people about them. How do I get as many people to try them as possible? Well, people have to have a uThrone to try a uThrone & thus, understand their potential value.  That said, I need to get as many people interested enough to try them as possible.  that they don’t have to buy them for 30 days. It’s not a 30-day refund policy, but a 30 day trial. The uThrones trainee gets a chance to experiment, exercise, and explore the potential of the uThrones for 30 days and then the question of, “how many do we buy?” becomes preeminent, mission accomplished.  Irrespective of their choice, the Society & the Culture win in some small way b/c the idea has been spread & a few more people spent a few more minutes in perfect alignment, perfectly counter-balancing the hectic-high-stress world of today.  In a world where kids must spend hours hunched over their phones & study & work at computers, the importance of the uThrones grows every day.  Every nanosecond of time that can be spent aligning is a moment well-spent. I’m not sure what the Return on Investment would be, but if the most important thing in ur life is feeling alive then uThrones have a high one. 

Maybe this new approaches will work…

More than just a better U

What is a ‘better U’?  It’s a healthier U, a more focused U, a more understanding U.  uThrones do more than simply mitigate back-pain.  They’re larger aspiration is to promote a deeper connection to our bodies, each other, and the Earth.  If that happens than we make a better everything by using uThrones.  I know that’s a grandiose claim, but it’s possible.  

When we align the central nervous system, we reduce the stress on our internal organs, which frees the body to heal.  Life is a rare phenomenon, conscious-life is even more rare, and technologically-conscious-life rarer still.  The uThrones’ greatest aim is to be a part of the process for someone achieving meta-understanding of history, culture, psychology, theology, technology & health.  Technological extremes & human empathy are a transcendent combination and uThrones help to synthesize that.  It’s my opinion that the potentialities for enhancement & empowerment made possible by uThrones cannot be calculated, nor limited by physical laws.  

It’s the utilization of uThrones, w/ the most high-tech iPhones & tablets & PCs, etc. that balances the technological excess – at work, in the classroom, at home, everywhere.  Those are the moments in which we get to direct those Universal dualities to heal ourselves while enhancing & empowering the world.   We can’t miss any more of them.  

uThrones don’t guarantee that there will be a transcendent discovery of Universal oneness (however faint it may be), but they do guarantee that they’re gonna help a little bit, and that makes a better U, but it also means we’re becoming a better us too. What more could we want?