uThrone photo shoot

I feel some excitement today b/c my imagination is so richly populated w/ ideas and scenes of uThrones being demonstrated; by people from all walks-of-life for different reasons: teachers to teach, students to learn, physical-therapists to heal, thinkers to solve, athletes to train, musicians to convince & gardeners to grow.

In my mind I see masses of people gathering, each w/ a ‘Throne’ in-hand, gathering to share their thoughts on, and solve the problems of the day. I also imagine groups of musicians gathering to play; each seated or kneeling on a Throne. I also see the front row of sports photographers, all of them kneeling on Thrones, in wait for the perfect shot. I also see the restoration of joy, confidence, health, and nobility to the sufferers of pain, who’d never had a Throne of their own.

The possibilities seems endless … that’s why I feel excitement. I hope U can feel something of a likeness.

So, if U have a specialty or a hobby that requires U to rest or focus, I need U. I need shots of different people in different positions doing different things. Call me if U have any ideas.      405.402.9194

uThrones & Their Uses

It’s taken me 10 years to understand why the simplicity of uThrones makes them so effective at relieving pain, while paradoxically enhancing how I study & train. I’m going to try to share w/ U part of my experience that’s given me clarity, and inspires me continue demonstrating why they can help each and every one of us ‘perfect’ performance: athletically, academically, & emotionally.

uThrones have a multiplicity of uses that cover the spectrum of disciplines. From therapy, to photography, to meditation & martial arts, to reading & writing, to making art/music & to work.






It’s my submission that the simplicity of its design counteracts the tendencies of the modern world to create habits that, over several decades weaken the muscular-skeletal system.

For 2 minutes a day, these 2 pieces of wood, 2 screws, & 2 braces can help us resist the effects of Father-Time while helping re-achieve body-centrality & alignment via a more ‘perfect’ relationship w/ Gravity.

uThrones can relieve back pain, enhance breathing, ease digestion, quicken rehabilitation, increase concentration, and improve human performance; irrespective of age, need, or aspiration. If U want to try one of the ‘uThrones’, feel free to call Evan A. Dunn: 405.402.9194.   U can also request information that’ll explain how U can build one of Ur own uThrones; that can be done by emailing evan@uThrones.com.