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 uThrones is a furniture-based meditation system whose goal is to enhance & empower its users — all ages, all races, all religions, all bodies, and all minds. 

Please forgive the website construction zone, it’s a constant process. 

Better Breathing
Better Posture
Better Meditation
Better Life

Technology and the Body Can Age Better Together

It’s commonly agreed that the average person’s posture is terrible, but ramrod-straight posture shouldn’t be the goal.  The human breath is something that U control and only it has the ability to balance the external pressures of life.  There’s a multiplicity of benefits that we get when we integrate a uThrones posture regimen, and they’re even greater when we add a plant-based diet.  Blood pressure, triglyceride levels, circulation, & digestion are all improved.   

How do those improvements affect everything else?  Obviously, they’re enhancing, and they’re doing that irrespective of race or where people are born.  Diet and physical posture are fundamentals for living a healthy life, and they’re too easy for us to change not to do the easy work so we can do the hard work better. When we utilize uThrones we begin positioning ourselves for a better life.  Are U ready?