uThrones Here-n-Now and in Norman

I received a call from a teacher this morning requesting 3 more Thrones for her students. As U can imagine I was quite pleased, but self-satisfaction turned to regret when she informed me that one of her students had gotten a splinter b/c I hadn’t sanded the corners. I felt responsible for the splinter, the hurt it caused and the lost classroom time, but painful experience can provide protective education–e.g. touching a hot stove.

Now, I’ve heard young people clamor about Thrones, I’ve heard patients praise their design, and technological ‘complexitists’ recount their enhanced focus from mere moments of use. Who can’t benefit from them?

It’s exhilarating to get feedback like this, however it compounds the frustration I feel being confined in space-n-time  here-n-now and in Norman

uThrones as ‘uArt’

I love the title of this post. I’d never used the term ‘uArt’ before, but it works here.

uThrones can be Art too. I continue to discover more applications for them, and I think they can be incorporated into Art-class projects too.

I’ve known that uThrones have a role in PE, music, language arts, and math, but the Art class potential is huge. The personal pursuit of perfectly focused flow (i.e. the artistic process) can be executed by simply putting some paints on wood.

The ‘uThrones’ also provide a lumber ‘canvas’ that can repeatedly be re-painted whenever U are inspired to create more uArt on ur uThrone.

Here’s an example:

I’m not saying that this is the one-all be-all solution, but it’s gotta be part of the recipe.  Cute huh?

Thanks for reading. Holler at me if U want to try some of our models or if U want some directions for making a uThrone for uSelf.


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uThrones & the Physiology of Religion

For Christians, it’s Sunday, but In Islam, Friday is the day for praise.

I attended the Islamic Society of Norman’s mosque today. I made the sounds, I followed the moves and felt the feelings of ‘GOD’. I washed my hands and my feet. I crossed my arms. I got on my hands & knees, put my tail in the air; and no one laughed or took advantage of me-though I’d never been more vulnerable.

I did this for 4 reasons:

1.) I wanted to bridge the cultural gap by connecting w/ a conception of ‘GOD’        2.) I wanted to feel solidarity w/ other members of the Uma (human family)          3.) I wanted to learn some Arabic and                                                                                  4.) I wanted to show people a ‘uThrone’.

I did all 4 and had it reafied once again that the uThrones can enhance our capacity for connecting; both w/ ourselves, others, & ‘GOD’-in the sense that ‘GOD’ is everything that has ever existed, is, ever will be, and beyond. That’s why the World needs them.

As I’ve been reaching-out to different faiths and practicing them, I’ve noticed a unique thread; which is the necessity of the physiologically healing effects wrought by the religions’ practice. (The primary faiths practiced have been: Christianity, Mormonism, Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, & Native American animism/ancestor-worship)

Kneeling & purification: In Catholicism, we kneel to receive the wafer (a symbol of the flesh of God becoming a part of U) and pray w/ our hands centered. In Buddhism we chant & keep a hand centered in their chest while on a meditation cushion. In Hinduism we integrate Yogic centering and visualizations while chanting mantras. 1st Nations traditions all have a chanting component that also features flame (a very real source of energy). Each of them features an element of centering, breath, sound vibrations, and the conscious direction of the body & mind to prepare most ‘perfectly’ for Life.

There is a ‘GOD’, and ‘GOD’ is lived. Any religion is just variation on the methodology by which we can flow w/ ‘GOD’ more precisely.

That’s the way it seems at least…

Any questions ?  🙂