Coffee & uThrones, Autumn & Power

I don’t find it a coincidence for me to have ‘rdiscovered’ Coffee and uThrones at the turning of Summer to Fall. The weather gets colder, and drinks get hotter (even water). And for some reason I get super-curious about cool ideas during Autumn. What’s that about? School conditioning? Flavor conditioning? Genetic latitude lineage? Probably a little of all those…and a couple doses of altruistic narcissism.

ow can anyone not use all of their resources to convert everyone possible? They can’t, b/c they too will be judged by God, or so the Books say (let’s ignore the fact that those injunctive texts to which they pay fealty have been translated and amended dozens of times for dozens of reasons), thus they behave & act altruistically & narcissistically.

Enough about that, let’s get back to the post.

So, yeah, coffee & uThrones, autumn & power. What else is bringing this connection together?

Autumn & Winter have diminished time requirements & less physical work. It’s not only a fuel-saving change, but it’s a petroleum-saving, environment-saving deliverance b/c I don’t have to mow and exhaust myself like a feudal serf, merely to make it look like a golf course? If we’re gonna make golf course replicas, we oughta require someone play croquet on it once/month (at least). And maybe have an Oil Appreciation Ceremony, since mowing the lawn is basically a sacrifice-ritual, not an animal, but all that life from way-back-when (millions of years ago)

All of this is ‘true’, but there’s also the possibility that years of caffeinated coffee (caff coff), has conditioned a super-focused attention to creative work even though the coff is de-caff. I doubt the connection will last, but there’s gotta be some response to the micro-doses of caffeine that are still present in trace amounts in the ‘Decaff coff’.

So, the essence of all this is that there are powerful forces yet to be unleashed in all of us this season. Coffee will let some of them out, and so will uThrones. The process of discovering the perfect recipes of uThrones & whatever else inspires us is the responsibilty that has fallen on all of our shoulders. None of asked for these responsibilities, but there are people who want us to succeed and we owe our best to them even if they’re not here. Irrespective of the season, the drink, or how we think, the uThrones gotta be a part of everything we’re doing. #uThronesForEveryone “U get a ‘Throne, U get a ‘Throne, U get a good reason to laugh. Thanks for reading, Ev

3 Thrones to Align them All

“There can only be one,” was a line frequently used in the 1980’s cult-classic, HIGHLANDER, and it’s not only a terrible economic result, but it’s also antithetical to the philosphy of uThrones.

There are 3 versiions of uThrones, and their uses are omniplex. The ‘Low Throne’, helps in meditation, academics, and mindfulness. The ‘High Throne’ fits perfectly w/ the ‘Low Throne’ to act as a rest for phone usage, a desk for reading/writing, and a point of balance & composure (musicians benefitting the most). The ‘Ultra-high Throne’, is the tallest, heaviest, and most challenging of the 3 b/c to complete the uThrones Development Program, we must make a speech. It could also be called the ‘Pulpit Throne’, b/c that’s where the internal power that U’ve been collecting by using the other 2 thrones can be released as the perfect harmony of body, mind, and action. That’s a powerful feeling and it’s not far for any of us.

No matter what we look like, where we’re from, or who we are, aligning our bodies and harnessing breath to a transcendent consciousness is possible, and I believe that’s True w/ every molecule & atom of my body. I re-discovered the power of the ‘uThrones’ designs by experiencing the accumulation of pain that was caused by the day-to-day lives we live. I’ve handicapped myself, and I’ve nearly ruined my body. The uThrones have, in a very real way, saved my life (for the time-being at least) and I think they can help U. If they’re healing for me, then they must be at least helpful for U.

Please contact us some how, some way and we’ll try to put something together for U. We always need models & experimenters too, so if U want to make some money and U live in Norman, there’s that too.

Tthanks for reading and being a part of it all.

Very Sincerely,

Evan A. Dunn


uThrones & Student Life

Students today face more challenges than ever before. The upper 12-15% will excel and will be encouraged to excel, however the rest are the ones who need our focused support.

Students need to feel physiologically comfortable for them to learn effectively. To read & retain critical information it’s a prerequisite that they feel good. One of the principle reasons why kids don’t feel good is because their spines aren’t aligned. Unlike the Chinese & Indian cultures, we don’t place the emphasis on postural alignment and work to maximize its impact. uThrones supplement the aspects of physical education that are lacking and induces every other aspect of their athletic & academic lives to improve.

When we integrate uThrones into classrooms, we enable them to find the central point from which thoughts & actions can arise.