Bridging the Right & Left

None of the people, on the Right or Left, who are making decisions that are consistent w/ my vision for a future society, are in favor of totalitariansm, or monarcho-authoratarian-esque systems for sustaining environments & institutions that organize human life. None.

But it’s the few socialists, the few libertarians, the few fundamentalists, whose endgame for global conquest that have a defined vision for what a future world should be that are exerting far too much power than they should, and that’s dangerous.

A uThronian Permaculture system is aiming to optimize every aspect of society by maximizing our usage of resources, human or natural.

uThrones addresses many of the fundamental misalignments, while a total-home permaculture program addresses the way in which we live & breathe by maximizing each homes ability to sequester carbon reduce the amount of oil we use, & provide for human needs.

Human life is obviously 1st & foremost, however let’s set a higher goal: to maximize all LIFE. That means the soil, invertebrates, plants, trees, & mycelium that are around us all the time. We have all of the knowledge to design systems that allow every human-built environment to be fun & flourish.

We just don’t have the gov’t resources to incentivize what we all know is best…

But maybe U & I can change that…?

Thanks for reading team,


uThrones & Clothes

It’s been suggested that clothing plays a minimal role in the practice of the uThrones system, but that’s an untruth. The fabrics are valuable b/c they enable us to initiate the movements that create core-contractions, which is to say the pushing & pulling on the clothing is the second level of resistance.

These are the most important points of origins for any resistance-training b/c it’s when there’s contact w/ the body that we can train ourselves from the inner-most point of muscular contraction.

Descriptions of how , but it’s only the feeling that provides advancement. The clothing that we wear when practicing can enhance our awareness & training.

Jeans, shirts, hoodies, belts, etc. all have a role to play in enhancing our awareness of the intricate connections that exist beyond our senses.

The body is limitless in its potential!!!!

Thanks for reading, I’ll post some pictures soon–promise.


Longtime no Post???

Hey Everybody,

I’m sorry it’s been so long, but I have a lot to post and show U. My life has been so full lately; w/ brain cancer, chemo, radiation, that I’ve had to put uThrones in the background, but it hasn’t stopped!!!!

I’m almost thru w/ all that, so here in about a week, it’s full-on uThrones.

More soon!!!! Thanks for staying tuned-in w/ us.