Little boy from Norman who's obsessed w/ maximizing efficiency, so he self-handicapped until he had to design a new type of furniture that can be used by everyone to help breathing, posture & focus. I call them "uThrones". This is a critical time of solitude and the ability to remain fit, healthy & productive is more important than ever before. uThrones is the furniture & the philosophical approach to breathing & movement. The body has centers: in the hands, the feet, the neck, the chest, all over, and when they're aligned and the breathing is complete, and the movements are right, then the therapeutic & liberating experiences commence. That may read a little meta-physically, but it's a natural reaction to the utilization of the body's innate dimensions for maximizing it's force to live. It can be done, they've helped me stay alive and I have a rare form of brain cancer. So if they can do anything for me, they must help U some.

uThrones & the Physiology of Religion

For Christians, it’s Sunday, but In Islam, Friday is the day for praise.

I attended the Islamic Society of Norman’s mosque today. I made the sounds, I followed the moves and felt the feelings of ‘GOD’. I washed my hands and my feet. I crossed my arms. I got on my hands & knees, put my tail in the air; and no one laughed or took advantage of me-though I’d never been more vulnerable.

I did this for 4 reasons:

1.) I wanted to bridge the cultural gap by connecting w/ a conception of ‘GOD’        2.) I wanted to feel solidarity w/ other members of the Uma (human family)          3.) I wanted to learn some Arabic and                                                                                  4.) I wanted to show people a ‘uThrone’.

I did all 4 and had it reafied once again that the uThrones can enhance our capacity for connecting; both w/ ourselves, others, & ‘GOD’-in the sense that ‘GOD’ is everything that has ever existed, is, ever will be, and beyond. That’s why the World needs them.

As I’ve been reaching-out to different faiths and practicing them, I’ve noticed a unique thread; which is the necessity of the physiologically healing effects wrought by the religions’ practice. (The primary faiths practiced have been: Christianity, Mormonism, Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, & Native American animism/ancestor-worship)

Kneeling & purification: In Catholicism, we kneel to receive the wafer (a symbol of the flesh of God becoming a part of U) and pray w/ our hands centered. In Buddhism we chant & keep a hand centered in their chest while on a meditation cushion. In Hinduism we integrate Yogic centering and visualizations while chanting mantras. 1st Nations traditions all have a chanting component that also features flame (a very real source of energy). Each of them features an element of centering, breath, sound vibrations, and the conscious direction of the body & mind to prepare most ‘perfectly’ for Life.

There is a ‘GOD’, and ‘GOD’ is lived. Any religion is just variation on the methodology by which we can flow w/ ‘GOD’ more precisely.

That’s the way it seems at least…

Any questions ?  🙂

Visions for the Thrones

15 minutes. That’s the most time that’s passed before I had a flash vision for a new scene. A scene of what? A scene of the ‘Thrones’,  and people w/ ’em.  I see people in PT clinics sitting back to back on thrones and having their minds blown by the simplicity of the thrones.

We need balance. In order for us to relax & think beautifully we have to know our ‘center’.  The uThrones help that.  They’re truly ‘Cosmic Chairs’ in that they enhance our capacity for more-perfectly relating w/ gravity. Think about that; to relate to gravity more ‘perfectly’. Well, how can it be more than ‘Perfect’?   B/c if you’re standing at all, it’s perfect. Even if you’re crumpled up at a computer, or hunched over looking at your phone-it’s perfect. However,when we find the ways to align physically, then it flows logically that our capacity to align our perceptions & conceptions about ourselves & the others in our environment will be enhanced; that’s almost all of Life.