Evan Dunn

Little boy from Norman who's obsessed w/ maximizing efficiency, so he self-handicapped until he had to design a new type of furniture that can be used by everyone to help breathing, posture & focus. I call them "uThrones". This is a critical time of solitude and the ability to remain fit, healthy & productive is more important than ever before. uThrones is the furniture & the philosophical approach to breathing & movement. The body has centers: in the hands, the feet, the neck, the chest, all over, and when they're aligned and when breathing is coordinated w/ the movements that correspond to the points of alignment, then the therapeutic & liberating experiences commence. That may read a little meta-physical, but it's a natural reaction to the utilization of the body's innate dimensions for maximizing it's force to live. It can be done, they've helped me stay alive and I have a rare form of brain cancer. So if they can do that for me, they must be able to help U some. Thanks, Ev

uThrones & Permaculture

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to tie together the uThrones’ approach to perfecting our postural inner-worlds w/ Permaculture’s approach towards perfecting the outer-world. I think there may be a way for them be mutually-supportive. The more we perfect our posture, the more we’re perfecting our internal self, and the more we perfect the …

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