About uThrones


uThrones are the capstone of 10+ years of study (and suffering).


If it hadn’t been for years of bad posture I wouldn’t have uThrones b/c I wouldn’t have had the reasons to design them.  Aches & pains became my normal when I was growing up.  I would desensitize myself b/c “no pain, no gain”, but in band, on the basketball court, in class, in the car, at the table — the aches were there. 

I was self-handicapping and I didn’t know it.  My posture was shaping my body on the inside & out.  The human body is solidifying its shape around ages 24-26, so I knew that I couldn’t change my structure, but the techniques and design of the uThrones could help other people.  The uThrones did what no teacher, no coach, no guru, could do and that was make me really care about life. 

B/c I’m the extreme case I don’t expect anyone to have the same awakening as me, but I really want everyone to try them and see.